Volvo S60 Recharge
Start at THB 2,640,000

For the road ahead.

The Scandinavian plug-in hybrid sedan, designed for a change.

  • 90.2 kmElectric range*
  • 460 hpPower
  • 33 g/kmCO2 Emissions*
  • 71.4 km/lFuel consumption*

A smooth expression of power
The S60 Recharge is powered by our latest generation plug-in hybrid powertrain. It delivers high power, smooth electric propulsion and outstanding drivability.

Longer electric range
Go further on a single charge. In Pure electric mode, the S60 Recharge can take you up to 90.2km with zero tailpipe emissions.

Improved AWD capability
A powerful rear electric motor improves AWD characteristics, optimising driving in slippery conditions and towing.

*The electric range received from the lab in Thailand under UN ECE R101 (NEDC) controlled conditions. The actual range may vary depended on various factors such as ambient temperature, driving style, number of passenger in the car, etc.

Colours available for S60 Recharge

TEST DRIVE S60 RECHARGE Experience a versatile sport estate that enrich your life with its Scandinavian craftsmanship.
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