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Bangkok, 4 October 2018 – Volvo Witthayu, the latest Volvo showroom owned by GT Auto Co., Ltd. and located on a prime area of the plush Wireless Road, Lumphini district, recently held a grand opening reception and at the same time offered a unique opportunity for lovers of luxury, environmentally-friendly Volvo automobiles to sign up for their favourite model including the recently launched XC40 model at a special three-day “Midnight Sale”.

Nineteenth Volvo and Still Counting

“I bought my first Volvo when I started a Real Estate Career and needed a reasonable car. I was about to buy a Datsun because it was relatively inexpensive, but I found at the last minute that I could buy a Volvo, a much better and safer car, for a difference of only $800.”

“From then I was hooked.